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Whoever finds us is lucky.

If you prepared when you were young. It will be the good step to became a AFAPS Cadet.

Smart Study

We have a well organized class schedule. For the good quality of the learners to get necessary content.

Expert Teacher

We have teachers who are highly capable of imparting knowledge to learners.

Classroom Division

We organize students into each classroom according to their individual development objectives. For the highest quality in development.

What you will get from us?

We pride ourselves on being a part of our personal development in the Armed Force Academy Preparatory School entrance exam.

  • You will gain the knowledge you need for the exam.
  • You will be able to manage your reading time.
  • You will be taught by specialized teachers.
  • Above all You need to reach out for yourself too.

Not that tutoring will be able to pass the exam. It only allows you to inquire what parts you do not understand.




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Our Features

Professional Courses

We have organized study schedules suitable for students. To enable the students to acquire knowledge and most can be applied practically.

Expert Teachers

We have provided teachers who can teach in a specific way according to the content used for the exam with quality.

Online Learning

We have prepared online answers for exam review. Which can be accessed at any time.

The bow, when cocked, must shoot as long as possible.


Cdr. Talwarit Manoritthiyarn

Founder & Professor

You can always be better.


Mrs. Wipawee Manoritthiyarn

Director & Professor